SpecFaith Library and Review Forms Repaired

News | | Friday, Mar 7, 2014 at 1:34 pm
Our submit forms were glitching, but they have repented.

sidebar_writeyourreview‘Tis a fine thing, to make an expanded-reviews announcement, as we did yesterday, and then find the SpecFaith review submission form was glitching.

That meant the SpecFaith Library novel submission form was also glitching.

But no longer.

If during the past month you tried to submit your novel or review to SpecFaith and have been digitally and surreptitiously rejected, our apologies. The submission-form app had simply begun misbehaving. But the app has been to counseling and now repents of its sins.

We still want to hear about and list your favorite Christian, published, and speculative novels.

We also want to publish your Christian reviews of anything speculative — even reviews you have written elsewhere.

Further up and further in!

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9 responses

  1. You might want to check your email address as well. I tried to send an email to the site and it got possessed by the mailer-daemon. Thanks!

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  2. Reviews are rolling in! Keep them coming. We have three coming next week.

    (Of note: we do require the first and last name of every reviewer. The review form has been amended to reflect that.)

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  3. Alex Mellen says:

    What if, after many many submission attempts, I received a “success” message? Can I be sure it was received?

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  4. Do you accept graphic novels in the library? Meets all the other criteria.

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